Deo Bagh

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1টি বাইরের জায়গা 1000 ppl

+91 11 4666 1634

Mumbai - Agra National Hwy, Opposite Janaktal, Bahodapur, Jadhav Kothi, Gwalior
+91 11 4666 1634
+91 93002 70011
+91 751 282 0357
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Deo Bagh is a famous historical place of 17th century located in the city of Gwalior. This hotel become a wonderful wedding venue for holding ceremony in fantastic atmosphere.

Back in time

Deo Bagh offers the open area for holding your wedding ceremony. Here on green marriage lawn among the blossoming trees and constructions of the 17th century perfectly take place the event for 1000 people. So picturesque place with unique architecture will become a fine background for your wedding photoshoots. Besides, this party platform is chosen not only for a wedding ceremony, but also for Mehendi. The big space of this marriage garden allows arranging tents, tables and a scene according to your desires.

If you choose this place it will be necessary to take care of food and drinks and order catering service. The friendly staff of Deo Bagh hotel help you to spend an ideal wedding, after which your guests will have a rest in 15 cosy rooms.

Plunge into the 17th century and spend a magnificent and memorable wedding here!

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